Slanted at 0 o'clock absolutely process designing of value G54CNC Milling

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Headline: ? 54 &mdash of Dai of  of Yan of astounded of  another name for Guangdong Province. Block format of CNC Milling process designing: G54X&mdash. Slanted at 0 o'clock absolutely value G54 -- block format of CNC Milling process designing: G54X, Y, Z, X, Y, Z fastens origin to fasten medium coordinate in former coordinate for new coordinate. Explain: The coordinate that 1)G54 function makes process designing coordinate fastens origin translation to place of X, Y, Z to set is in, if right plan institute is shown,to use G54 function to make XOY coordinate fastens origin O to alternate to X ' O ' Y ' coordinate is origin O ' place; 2) X, Y, Z3 coordinate is OK and all translation, OK also translation of one part coordinate; The coordinate that did not write, its origin is rough move; 3)G54 function is stand alone program paragraph, this paragraph do not get occurrence other to dictate; 4)G54 is the following block, fasten the new coordinate that builds with G54 the influence of the work out; 5) dynamic coordinate shows relatively original still coordinate is fastened; 6)G54 G55 itself is not mobile instruction, it just remembers coordinate to slant buy, if need cutting tool to move,to G54 this is nodded, must compose C01 or GOO block again; The coordinate value after 7)G54 can be, negative number, decimally before allow 4 fraction, decimally hind allow 3. Process designing example is like right plan institute to show. P01 N0010 GOO Z3 T01 S800 M03; N0020 GOOX0 Y0; N0030 G01 Z-2 F100; N0040 X20 Y20; N0050 G54 X30 Y10; N0060 GOl XO Y0; N0070 X40 Y50; NOOSO Xl0 Y30; N0090 G53; N0100 GOO Z2; N0110 M02; CNC Milling CNC Machining