With the new-style tap that will cope with difficult treatment material

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Much horse company is newest the tap series that roll out, use technically right a series of difficult cutting material undertakes high-powered tap is machined. The material as a result of new-style to this kind tap, coating and geometrical appearance undertook be designinged technically, so they suit to undertake to material of a few difficult cutting uninterrupted tap is machined, especially the tap treatment of stainless steel. This is new-style tap is rolled out this year, of coincidence is, this year not only it is 100 years of celebration that much horse company establishs, also be the centenary of stainless steel of invention of haing Mr Li Buleili. The market assistant director of much horse company cheats · on the west Mr Wensitanli says: "On the history of much horse company, the treatment of stainless steel is in early when had very close correlation with our cutting tool development. Because this kind of new-style tap is rolled out this year, also agreed this kind of correlation without prior consultation it seems that, it not only the mark is worn the hundred years celebration that stainless steel invents, also be a milepost that much horse company establishs hundred years celebration. " this tap series is made with the high grade high-speed steel that contain cobalt, have optional finishing kind, this kind of tap has taller wear-resisting caustic sex, and workpiece material also nots allow easy conglutinate is in tap surface. The appearance of cutting chamfer geometry of this tap is special design, have the enough space that hold bit, be helpful for getting fast, flowing platoon bit. Such word, the phenomenon that block bits up is almost negligible not plan, because this improved productivity. This kind of new-style tap if helix chamfer design, criterion the length of its whorl part is shorter, the torque of such generation is lesser, can increase the capacity that discharge bits further. As a result of this reason, if be being compared with the tap photograph of other likeness, this kind of new-style tap can leave the job in taller cutting condition. This tap has snail tip model with helix chamfer design, have a variety of whorl forms, the surface can be steam temper processing, or it is to take Super-B (TiAlN to add additional the crucial point to handle) coating. Much horse company is company of twist drill of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene in what when just holding water, say, its can be greeted to establish the celebration of hundred years 2013. Company of much nowadays horse is the important member of group of gram of hill spy dimension, already established agency in 25 countries, the product sells 100 many countries and area. The cutting tool of round handle cutting that much horse company is good at producing high quality, the broach that basically is integral hard alloy and high-speed steel, tap and milling cutter. CNC Milling CNC Machining