YAG laser technology is brief

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YAG laser is the laser of a kind of solid that is matrix with crystal of yttric aluminous garnet. The chemical type of yttric aluminous garnet is Y3Al5O15, abbreviation is YAG. Into activation ion in the mix into in YAG matrix Nd3+(makes an appointment with 1%) to become Nd:YAG. Will certain proportional Al2O3, Y2O3 and NdO3 are when actual preparation fused in single crystal furnace crystallize and become. Nd:YAG belongs to cubic brilliant department, it is isotropy crystal. As a result of Nd:YAG belongs to system of 4 energy level, quanta efficiency is tall, suffer stimulate radiation area big, its threshold value is so lower than ruby and neodymium glass much. As a result of Nd:YAG crystal has good heat performance, because this suits very much,make mix continuously heavy frequency parts of an apparatus. It is the material of exclusive solid job that can work continuously below room temperature at present, be in in in small-power pulse parts of an apparatus, apply Nd:Y at presentThe quantity of AG exceeds other job material far. With other solid laser, YAG laser is basic component is harmony of Pu Yuan of laser job material, pump brace up antrum. The activation ion with because crystal is medium impure nevertheless place is phyletic and different, pump riverside source and pump riverside kind are different, the structure of uses syntonic pitch is different, and parts of an apparatus of adoption structure of other function sex is different, YAG laser can be divided again for a variety of, can divide by output weaveform for example mix for laser of laser of successive wave YAG, heavy frequency YAG the; such as pulse laser presses working wavelengh to divide for 1.

Laser of laser of 06 μ MYAG, times frequency YAG, Raman frequency moves YAG laser (λ =1.

54 μ M) and adjustable humorous YAG laser (laser of the heart that be like color) wait for; to differ by adulteration can divide for Nd:YHo of AG laser, mix into, Tm, Er the YAG laser; that wait differs with the appearance of crystal minute of form that it is a club and basis of; of laser of YAG of attrib wattle form output power (energy) different, can divide laser of YAG of the small-power in be being mixed for high power to wait. Mixed YAG laser, become the mainest branch in solid laser. [Relevant technology] technology of laser of solid of; of technology of riverside of pump of laser material; ; Electronic technology [technical difficulty] although be the YAG laser of matrix with YAG crystal from come out heretofore already 20 old, technology and craft mature quite and get applied extensively, but the progress as relevant technology, the research work of YAG laser remains the same in the ascendant, still be the heat that at present laser studies. To improve power of the efficiency of YAG laser, output and quality of beam of light, patulous its spectrum limits, people reachs the technology such as type of pump Pu Fang and craft respect to continue to begin in laser material, structure and pump riverside source consider and improve the work. The crucial technology that should solve basically has: 1, seek new laser material. Wait for activation ion through impure in YAG matrix Er, Ho, Tm Nd:YThe laser wavelengh of AG expands to 2 μ M is controlled, make atmosphere transmits function to get ameliorative, raise laser to injure threshold value to person eye, pass ion of impure Yb activation, raise work efficiency to wait. 2, seek new laser structure. Use crystal of attrib wattle shape, knead dough of riverside of implementation face pump comes loose hot, in order to improve changeover efficiency, improve quality of beam of light. Reduce finished cost, simplify structure, solve medicinal powder the way that hot issue remains hard. 3, seek new pump riverside source and form of pump Pu Fang. Replace lamp pump riverside with diode laser, it is a of YAG laser technology major breakthrough, make laser function gets marked improvement, but technology of diode pump riverside is more sophisticated, cost is higher, of oneself of pump riverside source medicinal powder the problem such as heat, still need to be solved further. [Foreign general situation] YAG laser comes out relatively ruby and neodymium glass laser are evening, YAG crystal was made first 1964, through effort of a few years, make the optics of material and physical function are improved ceaselessly, captured the preparation craft of crystal of large size YAG, already can pull the large size Nd:Y that makes a diameter be 200mm for 40mm, length till 1971AG crystal, the development that is YAG laser offerred the high grade crystal of cost moderate, drove the development of YAG laser and application, company of Niya of American Xi Erfan rolled out YAG laser precision to dog 1971 radar (PATS system) use at missile to measure shooting range. Research and the upsurge that use YAG laser were entered in 70 time, the research organization of a lot of industry developed countries throws a large number of manpower and financial capacity, the main content of research is the efficiency that improves YAG laser, power and dependability, solve a project to turn an issue, be in at the same time the domain such as medical treatment of treatment of industry of laser range finding, lidar, laser, laser appeared achievement of a few application. Laser of 80 time YAG studies and basic technology of application already matured quite, enter great progress period, make the main trend that all sorts of laser develop and uses. Weigh the respect such as frequency and output power to get in coherence, pulse as a result of solid laser however confine, encounter the challenge of CO2 laser consequently, in the meantime, efficiency of traditional laser of YAG of garden good look is low (3%) , the solid with serious fuel factor is faulty, restricted its consequently high power is outputted and tall repeat frequency, quality of beam of light also assures hard, force people to seek new configuration and pump riverside means, laser of YAG of attrib wattle form and laser of YAG of diode pump riverside make the significant progress way of YAG laser. The YAG laser idea of structure of geometry of strip of dead plate of riverside of new-style face pump, cover was put forward by American General Electric Company first 1972 and win patent, but because difficulty exists on engineering technology, research work makes progress all the time not quite, undertake to technology of attrib wattle laser for this Stanford university the theory of systematic development and experiment study, the design program that offerred laser of batten of kilowatt class activity and dependability experiment, get quality of better beam of light and higher average output power, cause the attention of world each country, get developing quickly ever since. The material of the laser of attrib wattle YAG that American General Electric Company already developed successful kilowatt form in 80 time end and 600W machines prototype. YAG laser regards the batten of lieutenant general of solid laser program that the plan blocks in Western Europe blame as 3kW high power is industrial the option plan of solid laser. Quality of tall beam of light assures while as a result of attrib wattle YAG laser can gain power of high average output, the stress that accordingly the United States, Western Europe and Japan will study is put on laser of kilowatt class batten, work of this one research is in practical the evolution that influences a respect will machine the competitive ability that waits for a respect to enhance solid laser and CO2 laser in laser material, the applied foreground on the military affairs is very inviting also. Laser of attrib wattle YAG whether the laser of strong record YAG that replaces a tradition in domain of a few main application, depend on of finished cost of medium of attrib wattle laser reduce substantially, get together of smooth pitch structure simplify, of fuel factor be overcome further and what a series of project technologies such as the maximize design of smooth pitch consider to work is perfect solve. Since 80 time, semiconductor diode laser (LD) technology and workmanship mature stage by stage, provided the pump riverside source of a kind of ideal for solid laser, with the pump of the tradition Pu Deng is compared, LD has output power is high, the advantage with long life, especially the absorption of its output and YAG laser medium is taken consistent, the good point that because this makes the YAG laser appliance of diode pump riverside has,stresses: 1) pump riverside efficiency is tall, can amount to 20% the left and right sides (efficiency of lamp riverside pump has hundred only) ;2) as efficiency rise, the thermic load of laser medium drops, because this improves life of;3) of quality of beam of light to grow greatly (the life of LD amounts to several hours, pulse amounts to) 1011 times, volume of dependability tall;4) is minor, weight is light, comfortable at miniaturization application. Its insufficient place is a structure complex, cost is higher. Nevertheless, diode laser replaces traditional pump riverside lamp to already made way of a of YAG laser significant progress. Since 90 time, the research work of the YAG laser of diode pump riverside obtains significant progress, settled pump riverside way early or late, technology of pump riverside smooth coupling, the refrigeration of solid laser medium and fuel factor compensate a problem, make quality of power of the pump riverside efficiency of laser, output, beam reachs new level. Before 1996, the top level of successive laser diode on international is 20W, with laser of YAG of switch of Q of its pump riverside, its had better output a level to be 10kHz, 15kW. 1998, germany uses laser of YAG of switch of Q of riverside of successive LD pump, get 6.

The output of 25kHz, 15mJ, 60ns, 250kW, can probe the light source of equipment as for military use. Rise as what LD outputs power, the output level of the YAG laser of riverside of pump of high power LD also rises ceaselessly, express 1 in the high power diode of the country such as United States of listed the last few years, Germany and Japan the function of laser of pump riverside YAG. The infuse of YAG laser technology that the development of the YAG laser of diode pump riverside is maturity new vitality, show a more inviting application prospect, in martial domain (control and guide of laser range finding, lidar, laser) , the respect such as medical treatment of laser industry treatment, laser and scientific research receives wide application. [Influence] YAG laser is a kind of laser with the widest application in equipment of for military use, basically use as the respect such as control and guide of range finding of lidar, laser, laser and laser antagonism. Because it is had,measure precision extremely tall, fight an electron to disturb ability strong, make of weapon system aim at precision and kill and wound might to rise greatly, be faced with in lidar turn over hedgehopper of battle of radiation missile, electron, low altitude dash forward prevent and below the circumstance that concealed body target browbeats badly, use laser system to be able to enhance the fighting capacity of weaponry and viability, have the effect of weaponry ability multiplier, efficiency of its military affairs already was in for many times in actual combat get test and verify. The YAG laser application in industry basically is to be used at material to machine, like cut, solder, stiletto, make machine quality to get rising not only, and raised the application of work efficiency; in medical treatment respect, basically be to serve as scalpel, make the operation does not bleed or bleed rarely, and can make general scalpel cannot or the operation that has hard, if cerebral blood-vessel, heart and vessels reachs ophthalmic operation,wait. Besides, YAG laser still can consider to provide a kind of accurate and quick research measure for science. CNC Milling CNC Machining