Double silk of advanced German CLOOS TANDEM solders technology

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To raise the solder deliver a child of business of our country industry to produce efficiency is mixed solder technical level, hot be in harmony of treasure of Zhuhai city gold solders technical limited company overcomes Lu Si from world-renowned Germany (CLOOS) the company introduced TANDEM high speed efficient solder technology, popularize application energetically in home. In 10 years of in the past CLOOS offers an user to exceed 1000 Tandem to solder system. Now already many 100 TANDEM solders the system is used in home. Craft of TANDEM of use Ke Lusi solders when 2 -3mm thin plate, solder speed can amount to 6m /min, solder 8mm above is thick board when, frit apply efficiency can amount to 24kg /h, soldering is the optimal craft that replaces the solder that bury arc when the material such as the steel of low alloy excel in of energy of requirement control line. This craft can solder all sorts of metal stuff such as carbolic steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium, it is a kind of high speed efficient, application is wide advanced solder technology. Because have very tall solder speed, so this kind can solder only in machine support of the people automatic on can come true. One, TANDEM solders systematic principle: Ke Lusi company is at the beginning of 70 time use welder of double silk MIG art, company of 90 time Ke Lusi develops Tandem welder art. See graph 1, can see two kinds solder of craft differ basically. Solder in Tandem the spray head that uses two independence and two independent power source, every electric arc has what he becomes independent to solder parameter. And common double silk solders craft is two welding wire it is to use same soldering parameter. Graph 1: Tandem solders because craft principle solders new development reachs power source technology to solder very well the effect, solder in 90 time Tandem craft was replaced common double silk solders system. Solder to Tandem and character, important is two welding wire can use pulse electric arc, this offerred sufficient condition to use different pulse frequency to solder to the user, see graph 2. The plan differs a few kinds of the pulse weaveform that 2 Tandem solders assorted type: A) be the same as phasic B with frequency) with frequency phasic poor random is adjustable C) different frequency is phasic and aleatoric 2, the craft characteristic of solder of TANDEM double silk: 1, high-powered welder, 100% of short duration carry when rate solder voltaic 1000A, 1500A of pulse electric current; Power source of double pulse of 2, digitlization, 6 inches of LCD show, but process designing, join PC, printer; The normative parameter of every 3, welding wire but separate set, qualitative material, diameter can differ; The speed sending silk of every 4, welding wire can amount to 35m /min; 5, increase frit spread greatly efficiency and solder speed; 6, when frit apply efficiency increases, maintain inferior hot input; 7, electric arc is stable, frit drop transfers controlled; 8, solder be out of shape small; 9, splatter small; 10, solder data monitoring and management, wrong code shows; Gas of 11, use standard, air consumption is little; 12, scope of application is wide, productivity is tall. 3, MIG/MAG monofilament solder and TANDEM application compare: MIG/MAG monofilament solder and TANDEM application are shown respectively quite at the watch 1 with the graph 3. Solder of monofilament of watch 1 MIG/MAG and TANDEM application compare product name to solder material of methodological car gasoline tank: Aluminium board is thick: Type of 2mm welding line: Build receive, annulus seam welding seams ply: 2.

5mm solders TANDEM of parameter monofilament solder diameter of welding wire of double silk solder 1.

2mm 1.

0+ 1.

0mm solders speed 55cm /min 130cm /min sends silk rate 4.

6m /min 8.

2+ 6.

Efficiency of apply of 1m /min frit 0.

84kg /h 1.

Material of air purifier of 82 Kg /h: Stainless steel board thick: Type of 1mm welding line: 3 board ply of contact welding line: Diameter of 2mm welding wire 1.

2mm 1.

0+ 1.

0mm solders speed 120cm /min 290cm /min sends apply of frit of filar speed 11m /min 19+ 14m /min efficiency 5.

28kg /h 11.

Material of crane arm of 88 Kg /h: Board is large: Type of 20mm welding line: Ply of V groove welding line: Diameter of 6 -7mm welding wire 1.

2mm 1.

0+ 1.

0mm solders speed 30cm /mm 80cm /min sends silk rate 13.

5m /min 19.

1+ 9.

Efficiency of apply of 0m /min frit 7.

29kg /h 15.

17kg /h pursues 3 monofilament solder and efficiency of TANDEM frit apply are compared 4, TANDEM application TANDEM can apply at carbolic steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy to wait for all sorts of metal stuff solder, apply to all sorts of contact forms. Its apply solid exemplify at expressing 2. Express 2: Type of welding line of name of product of TANDEM application example solders horn seams speed freezer compressor 3.

2m /min aluminium makes V of engine compartment crust groove, board stainless steel of thick 3mm 2m /min makes can without lid of fire extinguisher of 2m /min of purifier fillet weld build receive welding line 1.

25+ 1.

Costal region of hull of 0mm 4m /min board fillet weld 1.

8m /min heats up cistern V groove, board thick 3+ 3mm 2.

Component of axis of 6m /min car is built receive welding line 2.

75+ 2.

Fillet weld of crane arm of 75mm 4m /min 1.

Fillet weld of hub of 5m /min car 2.

5m /min altogethers, high speed solders and rate of tall frit apply solders is to will solder henceforth development direction of the technology, and TANDEM high speed is efficient soldering is one of heat, it will receive wider and wider application in industrial production. CNC Milling CNC Machining