The definition with mould abrade fittings and classification

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Be versed in as machinery in recent years the development of course of study, abrade progressively also incline to at mechanization. Abrade it is to be in process of mould fittings treatment working procedure of a finish machining. Abrade use manual operation normally, abrasive is added between sharpener and abrade face, grind from spare parts surface the metallic layer with thin depolarization, make workpiece gains the face that high accuracy and Gao Guangjie spend. Abrade and general classification: 1, wet grind: ? Breed tastes Zhao to add heart? liquid state abrasive continuously note or Tu Fu is in abrade surface, abrasive is in workpiece and grind slide ceaselessly and roll, form cutting campaign. Wet grind to be used at commonly thick abrade. 2, work partly grind: ? Hey it is mushy and abrade that place of analyse  ? uses abrasive cream. Abrade can operate with handiwork already, also can undertake on muller. Abrade characteristic and purpose: ? Meng of take along sth to sb of disease of Huo of ゴ of word astounded difficult heart stops せ Qiu Long stops its equipment of げ Zhuang? is simple, the operation is convenient, cost is inferior, facilitating maintenance. Abrade purpose depends on: 1, improve the appearance bright and clean degree. 2, treatment facilities demand of compact, precision is not high 3, get exact size and exact geometrical figure. 4, abrade hind, surface of mould spare parts is bright and clean degree rise, make the corrosion resistance of the spare parts rises with what wearability Dou Youming shows thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining