PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 3.0 machines module function introduction

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In April 2006, PTC rolled out its brand-new PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 3.

The version of 0, in this new version, the function of every module got different rate strengthen, and its operate the PRO/ENGINEER of the old version that the PRO/ENGINEER photograph of new version compares the gender also got huge promotes, make more use easily simply. PTC is in namely PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 2.

0 in after strengthening its to machine the function of module greatly, in the PRO/ENGINEER of the new version that rolls out this, increased a lot of new functions in machining module again, made new treatment module function more powerful, and operation sex also got very big rise. Below PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 3.

0 in the addition partial function that machines module introduces to everybody. One, brand-new visible cutting tool manages implement. Of cutting tool custom-built with the choice it is one of jobs with the mainest treatment, the cutting tool management with the medium before PRO/E of version implement interface comparatively exceedingly simple, the function of custom-built cutting tool is more general. In the treatment module of new version, cutting tool management implement it is a completely visible interface, inside setting and operation go to the lavatory exceedingly, new cutting tool management implement the species that can define every cutting tool not only, still can define knife handle and tool carrier, because this is easier implementation is visible. After choosing basic cutting tool form, new cutting tool management implement still adopt a figure accurate show those parameter that want a definition, accordingly, you need not the figure that repass chooses right parameter combination to define cutting tool from inside total list. 2, the mirror function of symmetrical cutter track. In real treatment work, the part that we often need pair of a few mirrors or spare parts above symmetrical part will undertake machining, before the in machining module need of the PRO/E of version weaves again to its program, the order that in the PRO/E treatment module of new version we need to had been made to been make up only has a mirror can, and the operation goes to the lavatory exceedingly simply, need to choose corresponding program and lens image plane only can. 3, the decelerate in corner controls a function. In rough machining process, advance when cutting tool corner when because cutting tool is met,lot goes suddenly to, if return the rate that keeps original, can have very big shake and possible meeting has happened to cut, and also can have to cutting tool damage, in the treatment module of new version, to the cutting tool method of rough machining, increased to control the function of the feed speed in corner. Can control in corner when the rate that reduces feed. Want to control the decelerate in corner, we can set the length of decelerate, position of rest and rate for method of rough machining cutting tool. In will " corner decelerate " (CORNER_SLOWDOWN) parameter switch arrives when opening position, can set the following parameter: "Decelerate length " (the decelerate distance that SLOWDOWN_LENGTH) appoints cutting tool. "Decelerate per cent " (hundred SLOWDOWN_PERCENT) assigns the slowest in decelerate process feed rate is cut feed speed. "Decelerate measure is counted " (the emergency of NUMBER_SLOWDOWN_STEP) setting decelerate is spent. The number is larger, decelerate is smoother. The decelerate control in this corner ensured cutting tool transfers smoothly between two walls. After cutting tool leaves corner, its speed can accelerate cut feed rate afresh. 4, function of 3D equidistant finish machining. In actual treatment process, to assure the treatment quality of spare parts surface, we often need to maintain equal knife to be apart from in machining a process, each shares that can assure a spare parts so have identical face bright and clean degree. Can undertake on curved surface in the treatment module of new now version constant the helix finish machining of span, 3 D equidistant finish machining (what undertake on curved surface is constant span finish machining) very high curved surface quality can assure when treatment, reduced cutting tool negative charge at the same time (even if go up in steep curved surface) . Span is the calculative on the curved surface that wanting treatment accordingly, span keeps changeless on whole method. 5, comprehensive craft pattern plate is draw-out function. In the treatment module of new version, we can make whole technology the process is draw-out into file of pattern plate of a XML, the complete workmanship information such as whole workmanship process, cutting tool, parameter can include in pattern plate of this XML craft. OK very the model that uses other conveniently above. Such to the part that a few is having fixed treatment technology dispute often goes to the lavatory, after wanting to had made pattern plate according to identical regulation only, can be in the model with similar other above will use. 6, curvilinear carven function. Before in the treatment module of version, can decorate a feature to use carven to machine a method to specific groove only, in the treatment module in new version besides allowing to choose got-up groove feature, still allow to choose a curve. Want to define graver to have way, one can be chosen in graphical window or many curve (be chosen on model tree or choose through using area to choose a tool to come) the curve is chosen provided definition carven flexibility. For example, the very much curve that goes up to badge mark and twine the curve on curved surface, can use sculpture function to undertake machining. What above gives everybody introduction is PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 3 only.

0 treatment module adds one fraction of the function newly, be in after passing this software to upgrade, the function that its machine module is more strong big and more agree with to machine process designing mediumly actually to use. We hope its function can more and more powerful, bring a surprise to the user ceaselessly. CNC Milling CNC Machining