The standard equipment that small angle measures -- the buy inside Hai Dehan axis bear angle coder

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EnDat 2.

Hollow axis of Hai Dehan company mixes the coder of new generation angle of 2 interface inside coder of buy bearing angle already was become small the standard equipment that measures to the small angle of several horn second. Use at machine tool runner shaft coming back especially, for example circumgyrate workbench and milling machine place a head, it is positional control and speed pilot optimal choice. Present RCN 200 and coder of RCN700/800 series angle undertook be improvemented in the round. New scanning technology begins the RCN 2000 after be being used at improving and coder of angle of RCN 8000 series, signal handles electronic circuit and rigid structure to also get farther promotion. In addition, new the angle coder that the RCN 5000 that roll out is 35mm hollow axis. Coder of angle of empty arbor of Hai Dehan RCN 5000 35mm is new-style and absolutely the scanning quality of technology of new scanning of advantage of type angle coder is higher, fight pollution at the same time capability is stronger. Handle electronic circuit as a result of the new scanning technology of these angle coder and new signal, because this can be shown,reduce the effect that rotate speed is worth to the position. This ensured the high quality when high rotate speed scans signal, and still can continue fractionize. The stator shaft coupling of new design is mixed in axial radial tigidity and turn round rigid function also excel previous generation product. In addition, as a result of the new sealed technology of coder, allow now relative to bigger installation common difference, and do not affect working function and precision. The fast segregator of coder of new point of view makes the cable join of angle coder more handy, need not other tool. If installation space is limited, the advantage that inserts type cable is more outstanding. EnDat interface is offerred a large number of coder are monitored and diagnose a function, and need not increase cable. The its OK and successive state information that provides coder (the function is redundant) , for the machine high reliability is offerred assure. Stator of series of new RCN 5000 is compatible the installation dimension of coder of angle of RCN 2000 series, but its height is small. The empty arbor of its 35mm makes size of its cross section achieves 3 times of RCN 2000 series, this is big diameter axis or space of more of put apart of hydraulic pressure pipeline. CNC Milling CNC Machining