Car flat carling and " U " product line of punching of bottom of form carling abdomen

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The article emphasizes the introduction car flat carling and " U " the structure of product line of punching of bottom of form carling abdomen, function, characteristic. This product line can realize the punching of flat carling, also can be opposite through adjusting partial accessory to come true " U " the punching of bottom of form carling abdomen, can accomplish one machine multi-purpose, have stronger flexible, huge satisfies the requirement of user individuation. Traditional carling punching machines craft to have two kinds: One kind is to use compound pattern figuration, suit large quantities of quantities to produce; Another kind is to use drilling machine to undertake getting cutting machining through getting pattern plate, suit small lot treatment. As the flying development of our country auto industry, client individuation demand is increasing, all sorts of is out of shape that frame emerges in endlessly, conventional treatment makes a method already cannot satisfy afore-mentioned requirements. Be aimed at this one current situation, my company passes steam of pair of one steam, 2 steam, short for Shaanxi Province to wait for survey of car frame plant, development gave product line of car carling punching, its are the biggest characteristic is can flexible the ground to the car crossbeam board undertakes punching is machined, can machine flat carling to be able to expand through adjusting partial accessory again already " U " product line of punching of bottom of form carling abdomen. The structure forms this product line by go up makings stage car, automatic makings system, X1 is transverse send issue makings system, X2 makings system, lead plane, automatically transverse send makings system, electric control next part, material the partial composition such as stage car. The treatment process of car Liang Ban is as follows: Place according to the requirement by the Liang Ban that will be machined through drive a vehicle artificially above all getting on makings stage car, stage car dictates according to what control system gives out, run the lower part of acetabulum of consummate makings system automatically, go up automatically next expect board makings sucks systematic general to send to pincers upper part, drop to go up to roller of the makings that prop up, in passing the device in be opposite to check board stuff, again by pincers general board makings clamp, after looking for origin automatically, have punched hole according to the program. After finishing all punching to work, suck board makings through sucking disk by next makings systems, serve to next makings stage cars, after the board makings that goes up when stage car became full, stage car moves board makings automatically outside giving a clue, convenient turn foreword. Product line controls means to have two kinds: The hand changes control means and automata way. Control means is moved to fall in the hand, the kind that handlers carries the key-press on operation face plate to be moved in order to nod dominates the action of departmental cent; Below automatic means, product line will complete all sorts of treatment actions automatically according to the machine program that has written. 1, the board makings that gets on car of stage of the makings on makings stage car to be used at shipping to need to machine, stage car grows 10m, wide 1m, the biggest lade quality 10 T. Stage car but edge Y to leave piece 1.

5m, realize the makings on the swing outside machine. Flat carling comes by swing of overhead traveling crane on stage car, along the X on stage car, Y upright backer is opposite neat, 630mm of height of the oldest feed a machine. To U form carling, stage car grows 12m, wide 1.

3m, the biggest lade quality 20t. Stage car but edge Y to leave piece 1.

5m, realize the makings on the swing outside machine. When punch U carling, the user needs to pile up a battlements and fold U Liang Shunxu beforehand put orderly inside chamfer of a makings, u mouth is down. Height of the oldest feed a machine is 630mm, discharge orderly, make sure bridge of the biggest chamfer can press 6 3 are discharged, if groovy bridge width and high dimension are lesser, can discharge more amount. The X of U carling needs to stand by edge of lead plane Duan Bian to be opposite with stage car to termination neat, need to be separated with armor plate between the layer of U bridge and layer. 2, go up automatically makings system is automatic on the beam that makings system moves by the rack that can move up and down, around, electro-magnet and corresponding switch reach the designated position detect device composition. Suck hold on makings use magnet of electric permanent magnetism to suck hold Liang Ban, cut off the power adsorptive, ensure safe. Use reducer casing to drive two or so pinion and rack clench the teeth up and down, the rack that drives to hanging magnet of permanent magnetism of 8 groups of electricity thereby moves up and down. Should get on makings stage car to arrive when designating area, inductive switch sends message, electro-magnet rack be issued to lower levels; After magnet touchs Liang Ban, inductive switch sends message, be issued to lower levels stops; Magnet is sucked makings, rack goes up to show emplacement stops to go up. Rack is installed go up at crossbeam, crossbeam sidelong to send makings system way shift, shift arrives transverse those who send makings system upper part stops. Rack be issued to lower levels, board makings is placed in transverse on the gyro wheel that sends makings system, magnet degauss, after putting down board makings, rack returns initiative position, await next job loop. Should suck hold on the electro-magnet of makings system uses means of electric permanent magnetism, after magnet produces magnetism, in do not give out before degauss signal, magnet takes magnetism from beginning to end. Should suck so hold on makings system is come up against in moving process cut off the power suddenly when this kind of accident state, magnet also can a string of 1 carling, put an end to carling to drop cause equipment or personnel loss. 3, transverse send makings system transverse send makings system to comprise by following component: X1 is transverse send makings device, hydraulic pressure the pincers, unit in be opposite, annul tabulator, auxiliary pincers, hold makings roller, X2 in the palm transverse send makings unit. Transverse send makings system by left, right two parts composition, left (X1) is transverse send makings device to find a place for one sends makings pincers, clip board makings from the Zun Duan of board makings, edge X to push ahead send Liang Ban. Two groups of orgnaizations in be opposite are placed among crossbeam, removed place a series of propping up to use hold makings roller in the palm. Machine U Liang Shi, makings roller supports bridge rough draft. Of lead plane right transverse send makings system (there also is a pincers above X2) , stay in normally stand by lead plane a side, when this pincers place reachs after the board makings on crosses lead plane, two pincers clip board makings synchronism to move at the same time. The orgnaization in be opposite has two groups, its action is board makings fixed position, place going up of makings side transverse send makings unit among. Approach the in be opposite unit of lead plane, normal position is fixed; The in be opposite orgnaization that is far from lead plane differs along with board bridge length, but the hand is moved adjust the position, its adjust limits to be able to amount to 9m. 4, lead plane of punching of punching lead plane by pressure expect orgnaization of oriented device, punching, Y chooses orgnaization, flotsam to output orgnaization composition to main transfer machinery, mould. Punching lead plane uses hydraulic pressure advocate transmission. By advocate oil cylinder is driven advocate slide block and installation are down motion to realize punch movement in the upper mould on slide block. In lead plane two side installation has two group pressing to expect oriented device, in order to reduces the vibration of carling, make punch goes on wheels. Punch mould is edge X to linear platoon cloth, 5 pairs of old patterns are decorated among, both sides mould divides a platoon to place 10 pairs each. The choice of the mould when punch drives slide block to finish through air cylinder. Punch is used rush along with dynamic pressure makings decide way, before punching after will pressing impaction of work or material rest to be by carling abdomen by movement of the crock that approach a limit first, again by advocate oil cylinder movement finishs punching, after when drift returns, should enforcing to exit die completely from inside board makings, press work or material rest to issue ability restoration in bedspring action, then the next sends into the movement to just begin. Because use hydraulic pressure to press makings punching craft, the pressure that controls work or material rest does not change along with time and punching journey, can put an end to bring makings phenomenon generation. Pressure-plate-force is offerred by crock of two hydraulic pressure. Y uses burden slideway to direct to main transfer machinery, by drive of a guide screw. Pressure after expecting oriented roller enters lead plane in board makings, makings roller is held in the palm to be propped up by bedspring below, send by chain flotsam conveyor to the waste material that give to flotsam car in. 5, the 0i-PC system control that system of numerical control of numerical control system uses FANUC firm. This system is contained 10.

LCD of 4 Inch color, have standard RS232 serial interface, can correspond with the PC, those who be like program parameter deliver. Indication page of chromatic liquid crystal still is had diagnose oneself, automatic warning function, still can reach in English additionally undertake indication switch between Chinese. Cut off the power to come true add develops a function, the 0i-PC system that we use, its remember a function to be able to remember current the value of each axis, electrify hind can undertake special function is called, make coordinate automatic jump to breakpoint place to carry out. Use the software of process designing of Teksoft CAD/CAM automatic graph of American Teksoft company, can satisfy user requirement well. 6, system of other hydraulic pressure uses complete set to import product of company of Li Shile of German rich world. System of this HNC pilot is the hydraulic pressure system that is development of compressor of big tonnage numerical control only, used current the most advanced electro-hydraulic servo controls fashion, drift oil cylinder moves through drive of servo a powerful person, basically agree with car crossbeam kind the punch treatment that thick template expects. Characteristic of product line function 1, punching lead plane introduces C fuselage opening type, airframe can be stood by 3 times, convenient maintenance; Overall weight is lighter, the inertia when shift is small, easy obtain bigger acceleration, improve labor productivity effectively; Airframe strength is enough the condition getting power that makes sure the machine tool is stabilized from time to tome in punch, can make mould clearance keeps good. 2, airframe of punching lead plane uses armor plate to solder structure, via anneal, oscillatory ageing treatment, make internal stress purify relatively complete, because stress is eliminated,avoid not complete and cause airframe to be out of shape. 3, use hydraulic pressure to press makings punching craft, have before punching press makings board to make the same score board makings firm impaction, after the punching that finish, after when drift returns, should enforcing to exit die completely from inside board makings, press makings board to raise restoration. Length of lever of piston of the oil cylinder that approach a limit is adjustable, get used to board makings ply, lest excessive impaction board makings, reduce oil cylinder to slant carry. 4, the mould uses straight formula structure, drive module orgnaization to choose different pattern to participate in punch through air cylinder, accelerated the rate that choose a model, improved work efficiency; Antrum of model of integral type fluctuation is machined in couples, made sure the mould is homocentric degree, prolonged the service life of the mould greatly; Upper mould is hollow, use bedspring lever to cancel makings construction, put an end to flotsam to rebound. 5, mould already can whole changes, also can individual change. 6, in the light of car carling length long, weight is weighed, the characteristic with tall precision, used the means of drive of gear of high accuracy, long distance, rack. Rack contains disappear unoccupied place orgnaization, make sure precision is reliable. 7, to U carling treatment uses timely position to compensate a system, treatment precision is tall. 8, used hydraulic pressure clamp to be able to drift pincers, the structure is compact, the job is reliable, pressure is supplied convenient. Pincers mouth is big, pincers can go up, next float, in order to suit board lift up music, make sure treatment does not have dead band. 9, deserve to have concentration automatic lubricant device, can send each lubricant drop lubricating oil directly, reduced motion to grind, raised the dependability of athletic position, prolong machine service life. 10, full automatic of fluctuation makings system use, improved carry a condition, improved labor productivity. Semifinished product and semi-manufactured goods use mobile station, convenient overhead traveling crane sends into semifinished product and output semi-manufactured goods. Sucking disk uses sucking disk of electric permanent magnetism, because cut off the power suddenly,avoid to cause an accident. 11, the American TEKSOFT of high quality, Gao Shuiping is automatic of process designing software use make treatment method optimization. 12, can match a mould to break off according to demand choosing detect device, after the mould breaks off, the machine tool will stop machine. 13, the punching that can realize flat carling already, also can be opposite through adjusting partial accessory to come true " U " the punching of bottom of form carling abdomen, accomplish one machine multi-purpose. The development of product line of punching of numerical control of carling of last word car, changed before treatment craft, improved the treatment efficiency of special bridge. Have bigger flexible, fit the production pattern of much breed, small lot particularly. Can increase the quick response capacity of the automobile factory, increased the competition ability of the market, can produce taller economic benefits. CNC Milling CNC Machining