ATCS PLC controls medium application in the machine tool

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3500 vertical of 1 setting φ the machine tool is requirement of degree of a kind of automation higher Electromechanical equipment, apply at metallurgy industry commonly, the car makes all sorts of large work; It uses relay to control fashion logically normally, of equipment electronic-controlled systematic fault rate is high, overhaul cycle is long. As technical progress, system of this kind of control already showed more and more malpractice. In recent years PLC machine applies in industrial automata domain wider and wider, it is commanding the integrated advantage that the field place such as cycle of machine of function, set and hardware cost shows, other labour accuses a product to be likened to hard. If use PLC to control a technology to be carried out to these systems,transform, have general technology and economic sense. 2 plan choose primary facility to move an operation for the hand, the basis uses sectional proposal, transforming person of the equipment before transforming is kept on plan the primitive sex of one machine interface, can reduce what equipment uses personnel effectively to be operated by accident so, unapt make the accident rate of equipment increases somewhat after technical reformation. Workbench gearshift unit of the system relies on a powerful person of hydraulic pressure electromagnetism to come true, change ceaselessly by mechanical drive disk assembly transmit than, achieve goal of change workbench rotate speed. Its gearshift operation is quite trival, must let lead plane jockey first, after picking good speed, jiggle makes gear is gnawed afresh close again put into gear, start afresh finally. According to spot load computation and theory are analysed, reservation advocate procrastinate change way, with voltage of a FRN15G95-4JE general transducer, undertake to workbench electric machinery speed inverting is controlled. FRN15G954JE voltage general transducer has torsion vector control, turn AVR of poor compensation, report is rectified oneself calm, laden torsion suits oneself wait for a series of advanced functions, in the open loop that does not have speed sensor moving condition falls, use control of magnetic flux vector and electric machinery parameter after the function such as automatic test, its timing function achieves the system of timing of dc of double closed circuit that provides power supply high even at traditional brilliant brake. Primary system still has the left and right sides two tool carrier, but fore-and-aft and transverse shift, pass electromagnetism clutch and join of electric machinery of or so drive. Electric machinery of or so drive has Y/ △ shift, because this has rate of feed of two course work: I class 0.


6m/min, II class 0.


2m/min. When transforming, still maintain former pattern. 3PLC type chooses 3. The input signal of system of control of PLC of check the number of 1 input output includes work station to control input, workbench and tool carrier each speed signal, distributing switch of Cheng of departmental on the machine tool branch and transducer throw signal. Share 64 inputs to nod. The control load of PLC basically divides 3 kinds: It is positive and negative of 10 alternating current machine turns advocate contactor; 2 it is the clutch coil that is used at controlling tool carrier timing (electromagnetism clutch is direct by PLC drive) ; 3 it is to show, call the police laden (include to show the lamp, acousto-optic warning apparatus) ; 4 it is workbench timing output (to transducer) . In all 56 output dot. 3. After 2PLC type selecting decides the input outputs a dot, undertake PLC type selecting even, this system besides needing imitate to measure with transducer join, it is switch quantity entirely, export check the number considering performance/price ratio and input again, choose PPC31 of series of ATCS of De Weisen company engine, PPC31 is modular structure, systematic configuration is agile, process designing function is strong, performance/price ratio is high. 4 systems are designed 4. All movements have system of 1 transducer design PLC control. Output relay when PLC when Out1=ON, workbench is turning; Output relay when Out2=ON, workbench inverts. Workbench shares 16 class speed. When the operation, be in binary value memory above all PLC data division, when positive and negative turns, work station inputs rate value, and PLC is outputted all the way binary value, 12 inputs that change transducer via D/A are carried, satisfy workbench timing requirement. When Out1andout3=ON, workbench dot is moved turning; When Out2andout3=ON, workbench dot is moved invert. What the dot moves speed to be offerred with transducer is multistage fast instruction choice. Be short of when electric machinery overload when the photograph, hot relay FR movement, make OFF of transducer THR terminal, can block in the instant U.


W output, close at the same time breakdown relay 30A-30C contact, via PLC input relay produces systematic breakdown to call the police. In process of fast apply the brake, one but electric machinery feedbacks " pump rises " when voltage makes transducer generatrix voltage achieves 800V, sheet of apply the brake moves BU power module to guide instantly, receive resistor R to release electric machinery quickly store can, realize safe and fast apply the brake. 4. PLC of 2 software design passes process designing implement input program, achieve control goal. Because PLC job process is a loop, order executive rate is rapid, in tool carrier feed double when fast electric machinery, need implements speed change through Y/ △ commutation, short circuit of the power source in alternating to avoid Y/ △ accordingly, besides be locked up with each other, still must set switch delay time, it is 1S surely. Same, drop in crossbeam (invert) when, still need to pick up (turning) , because this also needs to set switch delay time, in case power source short circuit. 5 last words carry out a proof, using PLC to transform traditional relay to control a system is very good method. It can develop the characteristic of PLC high reliability, tall interference rejection adequately, long, maintenance measures life little, search peripheral line simple. Used transducer to improve primary system workbench to start timing function at the same time, be helpful for energy-saving (gearshift of primary system machinery, power loss of the electric machinery when low speed is big) , improved efficiency, create better economic benefits for the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining