Electrode of automation of type of Delcam Electrode guide is made

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Delcam Electrode processes guide order automatically, automatic, agile but custom-built, help you complete the whole process that electrode makes step by step, can ensure you undertake efficient EDM electrode is made. No matter be black lead electrode or cupreous electrode, delcam Electrode can help you be finished in the shortest time from the board base treatment to finished product electrode. Powerful, but custom-built pattern plate and grand, make you can control production process in the round. After pattern plate generation ends, subsequently can full automatic make way of treatment cutting tool. Advantage: ▲ is relaxed from custom-built -- use from custom-built cutting tool and strategy, according to oneself need is machined ▲ is chromatic and divisional - identify clearance of the discharge range that designs guide input by electrode, discharge and area of board base form ▲ applies dimension of electric plate base and discharge clearance automatically to trends of ▲ of cutting tool method to analyse electrode to unplug modular horn and radius PowerMILL allow to be in workshop, help thereby eliminate production process bottleneck. The high speed treatment that has patent and method of much axis cutting tool are politic, make you can undertake machining process designing quickly, even if the part with the most complex, the largest difficulty also can be answered easily, ensure get efficient, quick cutting tool way, shorten handling time, drop cutting tool negative charge, get the finish machining face that arranges solely. Advantage: ▲ supports 64 systems, support multi-line Cheng, support tiring-room processing, make the shortest ▲ offers computational time to edit a tool formidably, revise automatic major of ▲ of cutting tool method easily to handle, or it is unmanned value defends computation to ▲ of method of simple cutting tool is explored automatically and avoid make collision ▲ least handling time, best surface quality CNC Milling CNC Machining