Composite material of aviation carbon fiber makes aperture cutting tool consider

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Carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) has the advantage such as high strenth, tall tigidity, good fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, apply extensively already at the high-end equipment such as war industry of aerospace, national defence to create a field. Plane wing, hang down end and end awl, the exhaust centrum of the rocket, engine and roll booster housing, of orbiter bear antenna of substrate of force structure, solar battery, complex curved surface and join are worn etc, face plate mixes the ala of spacecraft to all use carbon fiber composite material the component that prop up. Carbon fiber composite material can be achieved in the use quantity on military airplane 50% , on civil air bus use quantity can be achieved 50% . Composite material dosage already was become measure aerospace product one of marks of advanced sex. Bridge of civil aircraft ala, joist form by the carbon fiber composite material of all sorts of different composition normally with the structural member such as envelope. When structural member of carbon fiber composite material is assembled, need normally with as bear the weight of brace (framework or bracket) titanium alloy and aluminium alloy spare parts are local join, form composite material / alloy (C/A, composites/Alloy) folds a component, the mechanical join form that C/A folds a component to basically use riveting and snail to receive, the need when assembling machines many join aperture. F-22 battleplan has aperture of 14000 many join to need to machine on every pairs of wing, 747 planes have a Boeing aperture of many 300 join needs to machine. CFRP and C/A fold a layer to make Kong Cheng control the very important treatment process in building for the plane. Graph the treatment precision that composite material of 1 carbon fiber makes hole of aperture blemish join and quality are the key that assures dependability of component part join and life. Structural member of composite material of plane carbon fiber makes Kong Shu measure much, difficulty big, requirement tall, work is heavy, assemble the precision that makes hole and quality requirement taller, posed new challenge to making aperture technology, earnestly needs the special high-powered cutting tool that make hole and efficient nicety to make aperture technology. Main show is in the issue that CFRP makes the composite material of carbon fiber of structural member of main problem plane of aperture make Kong Cun be in the following respects. The precision that make hole and quality are poor, treatment flaw is serious. If use traditional twist drill to undertake CFRP and C/A fold a layer to make hole, bore precision and exterior quality are poor. Especially muscularity of cutting of the axial when bore, bring about carbon fiber composite material to produce fiber to arrange distortion, tear off, between the layer statified wait for blemish with exit burr, if pursue,1 is shown. Alloy of aluminium alloy, titanium because belong to thin plate to make hole, form serious exit burr easily also. The technological process that make hole is long. Because lack appropriate special high-powered cutting tool to undertake CFRP and C/A fold a layer to make hole, to assure the precision making hole of C/A nappe and quality, manufacturing site must be adopted " bore - reaming - aperture of thick bore with a reamer - aperture of bore with a reamer of essence of life - Huo nest " multitask foreword treatment is politic, cause working procedure and cutting tool much, tall, technological process grows cost, management is intricate, implement automation hard. Because use,this is when holding a tool to finish multitask foreword to machine, the efficiency that make hole is extremely low, the stability of the precision that make hole and quality assures hard. Cutting tool wears away serious. As a result of the hardness of carbon fiber composite material Gao Hejiang spends advanced characteristic, bring about cutting tool to wear away quickly, affect treatment precision and exterior quality not only, and make produce cost house not to fall high. Craft parameter matchs difficulty. C/A folds a layer to make Kong Shi, because carbon fiber composite material and alloy material property and machinability difference are very big, get those who cut craft parameter to match with control undeserved meeting brings about serious interface blemish and piece, entrance blemish. The process that make hole discharges bits not free, hot effect is serious. C/A nappe makes Kong Shi, especially when CFRP/Ti alloy folds a layer to make hole, auger cut alloy to be able to produce successive high temperature to cut bits, discharge bits not easily not only, and when high temperature cuts bits eduction surface of the aperture inside easy cut or scald composite material, the influence makes aperture quality. The place on put together is narrated, CFRP and C/A fold a component to make aperture and traditional metal make aperture have tremendous distinction, the special high-powered cutting tool that make hole and efficient nicety make aperture craft already became component of aerospace domain composite material to assemble medium crucial technology. The kind of cutting tool structure that carbon fiber composite material makes Kong Jia be versed in cutting tool function asks carbon fiber composite material makes Kongzhong application is relatively complex, basically include twist drill (Twist Drill) , dagger is gotten (One Shot Drill Reamer) , much face is gotten (Multi-facet Drill) , 3 awl (Kevlar Drill) , cover makings getting (Core Drill) . Pass those who get sharp contrast appearance and cutting tool point of view to optimize make cut off in what get the carbon fiber when cutting carbon fiber composite material lighter, successful, obtain smaller axial thereby force, lower auger cut temperature, more the aperture of high quality is the main goal that cutting tool matchs function to consider. In treatment of carbon fiber composite material, the horizontal blade of the horn before be being lost greatly is easy had caused great axial power to be caused possibly statified. Accordingly, use X normally model or S horizontal blade is repaired grind means to change horizontal blade. Dagger getting is told strictly is one kind is gotten, bore with a reamer is compound cutting tool, because Zhou Xiang side edge is made,give priority to cutting blade to participate in bore directly, form the hole that does not have high quality of burr, surface more easily. Dagger getting is restraining burr to grow the action of the respect, got confirming in the experiment research of a lot of researcher. Much face is gotten in carbon fiber composite material to get cut application, result from company of American Losk Heed is gotten through using 8 successfully, rose to make aperture quality and cutting tool durability. 3 awl are outside broach the predestined relationship turns point point designs two bulgy sharp point, use technically at fibrous to cut off, prevent the avulsion of occurrence burr and orifice. Although 3 awl control the burr of orifice effectively, but its advocate the intensity of cutting blade also is weakened. Express 1 it is at present carbon fiber composite material gets the cutting tool kind that in cutting research, basically uses. In the treatment process that expresses composite material of 1 carbon fiber to get the cutting tool type that in cutting research, basically uses to make composite material of carbon fiber of   of structure of cutting tool of aperture cutting tool, cutting tool material uses PCD or diamond coating hard metal generally. Current, cutting tool of diamond coating hard alloy already was become solve carbon fiber composite material special cutting tool wears away reach the crucial technology with cutting tool brief life. Carbon fiber composite material makes Kong Dao provide an experiment to study this second experiment place uses material to be much to composite material of lay up carbon fiber layer plywood, every all are one-way monolayer, layer plywood lay up shares 32 lay up. Board size standards is 6mm of × of 300mm × 200mm, if pursue,2 are shown. Experiment cutting tool involves diamond coating hard alloy in configuration respect dagger of many face getting, hard alloy is gotten, if the graph is shown 3 times, cutting tool diameter 6.

35mm. Experiment to undertake on center of DMG DMU70VCNC Machining, the measurement that uses KISTLER 9129AA to press electric type to measure amplifier of charge of power instrument, KISTLER5070 to comprise the system measures cutting force and torque, use KEYENCE VHX-600 to exceed microscope of depth of field to detect cutting tool wears away and observation makes aperture form appearance and burr case. Graph 2 experiments use pursue to plywood of layer of composite material of lay up carbon fiber more much face of hard alloy of coating of diamond of 3 experiments cutting tool gets   (on graph: Get with hard alloy dagger; Lay a plan: Test result is analysed)     (much face of hard alloy of 1) diamond coating gets a list show what for diamond coating hard alloy much face gets 2 times to make Kong Shi test result. High rotate speed and low feed can be obtained get lesserly cut axial force, be helpful for avoiding carbon fiber composite material to add workpoint layer and burr generation. Accordingly, use parameter of the treatment in the watch, 40mm/min of speed of rotate speed 10000rpm, feed, or 80mm/min of speed of rotate speed 8000rpm, feed, can gain lesser axial strength. Express much face of hard alloy of 2 diamond coating to get an experiment to be below afore-mentioned parameter, if appearance of the form that make hole expresses 3 to show. Two kinds of parameter all obtained good aperture to export quality and entrance quality, the consideration manufactures aperture efficiency, preferential choose 80mm/min of speed of rotate speed 8000rpm, feed to regard diamond coating hard alloy as many face getting treatment parameter. Express much face of hard alloy of 3 diamond coating to get appearance of form of entry of serial number of appearance of the form that make hole to divide   of appearance of degree of lip-rounding (hard alloy dagger gets 2) the watch shows what get for hard alloy dagger 4 times to make aperture experiment kill. Dagger getting applies to treatment of low speed small feed, high rotate speed can produce higher treatment temperature to cause burn of carbon fiber composite material. Union expresses appearance of 5 medium the form that make hole, use parameter of the treatment in the watch, 16mm/min of speed of rotate speed 4000rpm, feed, as optimize treatment parameter. CNC Milling CNC Machining