The visual sensor application in automobile manufacturing industry

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In automobile manufacturing industry, sensor application is wide. Be in before long previously, the engineer that designs quality to control a system still must be in a certain number of planting to examine the choice is made in option, the sensor of much array photoelectricity that these option include system of expensive only use vision, low function, and the person look that gets exhaustion and energy easily not to focus an effect examines etc, among them completely satisfactory without a kind. However, the most advanced nowadays vision sensor is reaching the speed of the optimum behavior of traditional method and unprecedented, accuracy, size cost advantage union to rise. The vision passes the fundamental photoelectricity sensor of feeling to include a light to infect feeling cell, and visual sensor is had capture from a whole image of the light of thousands of like element. The clarity of image and exquisite degree are measured normally with resolution, express in order to resemble element amount. The partial vision sensor that Banner engineering company offers can capture 1.3 million like element. Accordingly, no matter be apart from a target to count rice or number centimeter far, sensor can " see " very exquisite target image. In capture after image, visual sensor has the fiducial picture of the memory in its and memory comparative, in order to make an analysis. For example, if visual sensor is inserted correctly to have the machine part of 8 bolt to discern by set, criterion sensor knows should the part that rejection has 7 bolt only, or the component that bolt did not aim. In addition, no matter this machine component is located in the which position in visual field, no matter whether this component rotates inside 360 degrees of limits, visual sensor can make judgement. The advantage of visual sensor examines to choose plan fully in practicable in, namely sensor of visual system, photoelectricity, artificial examine, and visual sensor, visual sensor reachs reasonable cost accuracy, easily with gender, rich function because of its normally and make optimal choice. Compete as each industry more and more intense, profit margin taper, the tall percent defective that because flaw product is caused,manufacturer cannot bear. Accordingly, give an issue to detect before producing high cost, manufacturer is making inspection man blend in whole production process. The more complex vision system of visual system and visual sensor is a mature technology, executable careful autoverify. But, complexity and high cost hampered its apply mediumly in a lot of industries, its price comes from 5000 dollars normally 50000 dollars above. These complex vision systems need one or more photograph like head, custom-built software and a computer. They often need to invite peripheral vision adviser to come design, compositive with installation system. In addition, in view of the special sex of this kind of system, cannot change them easily it to use. These complex systems ask persistent major supports normally. Although be opposite,the demand of complex vision system still exists, but of the visual sensor that uses more cheaply, more easily roll out, offerred sexual price to compare much better solution for a few industry application. In addition, because visual sensor is used smallier, more easily, production chamber of commerce is examining often and visual solution is employed in desired result application. Visual sensor rises in the character of factory automation reach manufacturing efficiency to improve field work to cannot be done not have. Of photoelectricity sensor and visual sensor compare with photoelectricity sensor quite, visual sensor gifts machine composer's greater flexibility. Need the application of many photoelectricity sensor before, can examine now with sensor of a vision multinomial feature. Visual sensor can examine to get much area greatly, realized much better target position and directional flexibility. This makes visual sensor is in certain and former in relying on the application that photoelectricity sensor ability solves only, be welcomed extensively. On the tradition, these application still need costly fittings, and the accurate sport control that can ensure target object appears with same position and attitude from beginning to end. In addition, the photoelectricity sensor that because the cost of sensor of a basic visual sense is equivalent to several only,has more expensive fittings, because this price already was a problem no longer. Visual sensor provided unapproachable flexibility for applied switch. For example, the switch that manufactures working procedure (from single share outfit yoghurt switch becomes ice-cream bucket) the likelihood needs several seconds only, and but remote control is finished. Additional examine the condition can be added easily come here in application. The uses visual sensor low cost in automobile manufacturing industry and use a gender easily to already attracted machine stylist and craft engineer its compositive into of all kinds once depended on sensor of artificial, many photoelectricity, or the application that examines far from. The industrial application of visual sensor includes to examine, metric, measure, directional, flaw detects and cent is collected. The factory is assembled in the car, the application of visual sensor includes to examine to arrive by robot daub the glue of door frame bead successive, whether to have correct breadth. CNC Milling CNC Machining