Oil cylinder is integrated positional precision is simple and easy measurement unit

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To satisfy round of type fork-lift truck overall function and assemble a requirement, the luffing jib oil cylinder to fork-lift truck and turn the integrated position precision that fights oil cylinder needs to undertake be controllinged strictly. The tagging of integrated position precision is like oil cylinder the graph is shown 1 times. Luffing jib crock and turn when fighting a crock to be extended completely in piston lever, axis of bore with a reamer (aperture of axis of bore with a reamer) it is 3mm at the verticality public errand of line of piston lever center relatively, axis of bore with a reamer (aperture of axis of bore with a reamer) on dimension is 215mm (187mm) two end panel are opposite it is 1mm at the symmetry public errand of line of piston lever center. Graph requirement of integrated position precision tags 1 oil cylinder it is difficult that out of tolerance of integrated position precision may cause oil cylinder to the oil cylinder when fork-lift truck works and photograph adjacent spare parts produce interference and damage spare parts and oil cylinder are assembled wait for a problem. To control oil cylinder integrated position precision, our design made a kind of oil cylinder integrated position precision is simple and easy measurement unit. 1. The structure of the measurement unit of structural oil cylinder of oil cylinder measurement unit is shown 2 times like the graph. Measurement unit by axis of V form iron, motherboard, core (measure luffing jib crock to use rod of bore with a reamer) , magnetic force is expressed frame (express with magnetic force change one's costume or dress) , multi-purpose the composition such as deepness vernier calipers. The two flank of motherboard are measure datum plane, there is demarcate to measure positional reticle above, reticle position basis is measured the structural type of oil cylinder and calm. The measurement that fights a crock in order to turn is exemple (see a picture 2) , the first reticle receives line part in the solder of Kong Zun of axis of bore with a reamer and crock canister (line of piston lever center forms verticality deviation with be base point here) ; The 2nd reticle is in point of the right tube that carry a jar; The 3rd, the aleatoric position that the 4th reticle is extending share of long piston staff; The 5th reticle is on center of aperture of axis of crock lever bore with a reamer. After determining type of structure of the oil cylinder that be measured, can determine reticle position. 1. Motherboard 2. Space block 3. Bolt 4. Bedspring gasket 5. Core axis   6. Bolt removing condole 7. Multi-purpose deepness vernier calipers 8. Magnetic force is expressed frame 9. V form iron 10. Fixed position sells a picture sketch map of structure of measurement unit of 2 oil cylinder 2. Use method of oil cylinder measurement unit measures oil cylinder when integrated position precision, express magnetic force a reticle place that wears adsorption to go up in datum plane first, use next multi-purpose deepness vernier calipers is measured respectively take dimension to be worth X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2 and L, A, B (see a picture 2) , will measure so that numerical value takes the place of respectively the following formula, can calculate the symmetric alignment error of verticality sum of errors that gives oil cylinder. Formula of verticality error computation is X = 2L (X2 - X1) formula of computation of symmetric alignment error of / A   is Y = 2L (Z2 - Y2) - (Z1 - Y1) - 2B (X2 - X1) / AL   this measurement unit structure is simple, the operation is handy, measure precision and measure efficiency tall, the oil cylinder that can differ with at measuring same structure type norms, have better versatility. CNC Milling CNC Machining