The mould is made with stretch component 2

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The first when in mould design bedspring of choice application nitrogen should notice problem that encounter plays the option of pressure namely, choose the nitrogen bedspring of what form, the nitrogen spring that chooses much great power will satisfy the requirement of punch craft, solve such problem, normally need considers size of force of nitrogen bedspring dragoon: The amount of nitrogen bedspring; The pressure boost of nitrogen bedspring is compared. The journey of nitrogen bedspring should satisfy the requirement of punch craft, different punch process, the journey measurement of the requirement is different. Strong reduce separate process, requirement dragoon muscularity, the journey is small: Pull delay working procedure to ask the distance is greater commonly, regard the nitrogen that controls edge force function as bedspring, ask its character curve fights delay quite, in pull in extending a process, the force that approach a limit basically changes not quite, play pressure to keep basically constant namely: Go out to the top, discharge, that has enough power and stroke with respect to the requirement: Be in bend and in flange craft, ask normally initiative muscularity, so that can pin workpiece, prevent workpiece to produce sideslip or shift in curving a process, say the journey to also ask to compare commonly big. No matter which kind of circumstances, the total height of nitrogen bedspring does not want too tall, produce not stable phenomenon in order to avoid, when avoiding nitrogen bedspring to be installed on the mould, the structure is too complex, raise tool cost, if nitrogen bedspring installation is inside upper mould, no matter be a top pull or be the circle that approach a limit, must stay have space, in order to ensure nitrogen bedspring works smoothly, for safe for the purpose of, the situation that prevents an accident happens, personnel of design of proposal of DADCO nitrogen bedspring returns Lv of take an examination to increase safe journey when choosing nitrogen bedspring (the 10 % ) that installs total travel to should be piston column journey commonly, make sure nitrogen works normally for a long time thereby. Divide this beyond, return the alternative that should note nitrogen bedspring configuration, it is with bedspring of American DADCO nitrogen exemple can divide join for type of seat of bedspring of bedspring of independent type nitrogen, nitrogen, pipeline type a few kinds. These basic configuration have respective characteristic and certain applied limits, requirement of environment of the configuration that needs the punch craft requirement according to the spare parts, mould, use equipment, work, work, the cost of the mould and adjust maintenance to go to the lavatory wait for an element, consider integratedly to choose. Additional, also want to choose nitrogen bedspring in the light of diverse demand in design of cold punch mould. Same dragoon power, use the nitrogen bedspring with constant force to want to compare force not constant expensive, the nitrogen bedspring journey of same norms grows more expensive more. Accordingly, want to ask according to different technology, choose different nitrogen characteristic curve, obtain first-rate sex price and first-class economic benefits thereby. Play pressure in mould design deliver ought to poise, bedspring of choice application nitrogen often more than, so, exert oneself nods decorate wait to need around solve problem of a balance, say from punch craft angle, also be the issue that needs to consider punch to balance, with benefit the service life at raising a pattern, assure the quality of punch spare parts. Be informed from the use of DADCO nitrogen bedspring of the United States, nitrogen bedspring is to be the same as a spare parts to produce a contact directly, it is the tip that passes a design board, very piece, the circle that approach a limit, inclined wedge piece wait for mould spare parts to transfer dragoon power mould job part, so very board the motion that waits for mould work spare parts is balanced. Decorate with what force fastens about: Support on the other hand board also be the effect that has to deliver force to give nitrogen bedspring, carry to avoid to produce bovine nitrogen bedspring to slant accordingly, raise nitrogen spring slant carry bear force, assure the service life of nitrogen bedspring, should using nitrogen bedspring pressure is the design method of center and coincide of photograph of punching power center. No matter nitrogen bedspring is in when installation or it is the stability that when making, needs to comparative and dependability, playing pressure because of it very big, bedspring of a nitrogen is inside not large volume, should release hundreds of kilograms even a few tons force, and this process is undertaking ceaselessly repeatedly, accordingly, what the stability that maintains its to work comparatives is important, make measure bigger nitrogen bedspring forcibly especially, must want to ensure firm, return buy nitrogen spring especially or be installation in upper mould, nitrogen bedspring needs ceaseless along with the motion of slide block opposite exercise, only firm join ability assures the work with nitrogen normal, steady bedspring. When often designing installation nitrogen bedspring accordingly, or column cylinder body or the installation heavy opening that has certain depth is offerred in force plunger, in order to ensure its, avoid to happen deflective. The working quality that ought to say nitrogen spring is to belong to flexible category, in mould job process, open and closing ought to be to compare smooth-going, ought not to appear concussion phenomenon, to achieve this goal, to using spring of independence type nitrogen, design personnel wants mature narrate because of the place before be like to this, the frequency of nitrogen bedspring is very tall accordingly, once the spare parts contacts lever of nitrogen bedspring force plunger to be able to produce dragoon power, need to have the process that tightens beforehand far from, so as compressor slide block go up, next motion, nitrogen bedspring open (expand) and close (compress) answering is very fast, if the design is undeserved, use nitrogen spring on small tonnage compressor especially, with respect to possible meeting bedspring of occurrence helium gas is driven slide the phenomenon of a return trip, destroyed the curve that brace compressor slide block moves, bring about appear shake concussion phenomenon, accordingly, just when avoid as far as possible,appear this kind of phenomenon. 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