New product of series of Yi Sika IQ

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Series of newest Yi Sika IQ is tasted newly covered field of each cutting cutting tool. New HIGHQLINE (IQ) each cutting tool of series is familial, through the solution of forward position help user increases gain capacity. The new concept that these new cutting tool are based on Yisika " with wisdom build a change to make " , use modern treatment strategy, make manufacturer can raise a metal to machine efficiency continuously. Below current economy form, manufacturer is faced with resource the challenge that production of profit of constrictive, seed, tall difficulty machines, need gets cooperative supplier more support. Yi Sika strives to maintain clasp with the client, should expand the demand that new technology machines currently with satisfying a client not only, pass even rise utilization rate of equipment and installations and optimize equipment performance to come the biggest the return rate of new installation cost that changes a client. Classical originality of Yi Sika comes from Yisika mostly the inspirational collision of engineer of engineer of ministry of research and development and relevant domain application, and these applied engineers are walked out of, will to the metal machine the spot, listen attentively to user demand. Maintaining creativity is the consistent criterion that Yisika machines a domain in the metal. Face high speed treatment and Che Xi the rapid development of the new market such as application of compound CNC machine tool, yi Sika is active make response, new product to bit appearance from arbor two respects undertake upgrading, shortened machine down time, reduced labor cost. Cutting tool of series of Yi Si Kaxin IQ is the result that the company faces global market demand to give out. Yi Sika is in the core of manufacturing industry personally all the time, also will continue to maintain this plant in future with when the position that all takes. Face your manufacturer people intractable treatment demand, yi Sika recommends HIGHQLINE actively (IQ) series, the foremost edge technology that lets a client understand automation equipment information and all metal to machine a domain, promote new concept " with wisdom build a change to make " carry out. Yi Sika's newest HIGHQLINE (IQ) series cutting tool, extremely the machining center that applies to new generation, can achieve big feed and tall cutting rate, taller productivity is obtained in treatment. (1) knife of IQ5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror (the set of knife of IQ5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror that Yi Sika of PENTA IQ GRIP) rolls out (PENTA IQ GRIP) , use the less 5 horn bit that takes 5 cutting blade to come true bigger cut deep, use at high accuracy to cut off reach grooving treatment. With classical photograph of knife of 5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror is compared, grooving of this series razor blade is deeper, maximum diameter of bar sheared is bigger. Set of knife of IQ5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror locates with chamfer of bit swallow end clip is held, bit and cutter hub are surface contact, your clip is held more firm, firmer. Accordingly, bit can have finishing car and can bear side force. Above character ensures knife of IQ5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror can get outstanding linearity to reach in cutting off treatment taller by treatment surface quality. Fixture of new-style razor blade makes changeover cutting blade and change bit is more handy and quick. The bit that offers 3 kinds of norms is used at cutting off 20mm, 30mm, 40mm diameter. (2) milling cutter of helix blade IQ390 (HELI IQ MILL 390) regards helix blade mill as bit (the introducer of HELI MILL) , yi Sika is brand-new roll out milling cutter of helix blade IQ390 (series of HELI IQ MILL 390) , bit has blade of more helix cutting. Clip of milling cutter of new-style HELI IQ MILL 390 holds the triangular bit that takes blade of 3 helix cutting, the mill bit of 2 cutting blade is taken commonly in order to update on the market at present. The design of the chamfer that break bits of forward position makes cutting force smaller, machine tool power is used up lower also, compare with the photograph of mill razor blade of 2 cutting blade, the structure of new razor blade is stronger. New series ensures efficient mill of 90 ° square shoulder, in different milling application every cutting blade more economy. Milling cutter of new-style HELI IQ MILL390 can place the mill razor blade that holds blade to grow 10mm and 15mm. Deepness of the biggest cutting can amount to razor blade of HM390 TPKT 1003PDR 8mm; Deepness of the biggest cutting can amount to razor blade of HM390 TDKT 1505PDR 13mm. Result from advanced geometrical body design and groovy form design, the cutting force of mill razor blade and cutting power comsumption are lower. This milling cutter applies to alloy of milling high temperature, and high temperature alloy is in aviation industry application very general. (3) stand outfit place bit of type only head oneself (TANG-GRIP) Yisika rolls out the TANG GRIP that uses grooving of Yu Duan face to stand outfit place type sheet oneself head razor blade. This series has the tall tigidity, characteristic that establishs outfit clip to hold, optimized knife chamfer design makes fixed position much better. Bit end panel is grooving design, head grooving diameter is 25-500mm. Your razor blade can realize the characteristic of tall tigidity exceed big feed to lead, the interrupted cutting that finish, get exceedingly good by treatment surface quality. As a result of evasive other clip holds what systematic middling uses to go up the design that press claw, bits of the platoon in making bit is machined is very fluent, apply to deep chamfer treatment especially. In the meantime, establish furnish plan and combine fluent platoon bits, make treatment more reliable, also promoted cutting tool and knife chamfer life. The razor blade in installing razor blade of only head of type establishing clip to solve treatment effectively oneself holds caducous issue, same razor blade can be used at right hand knife or left hand knife. The C in bit chamfer that break bits with bundle photograph of IC808 of demon alloy brand is united in wedlock, the complex condition of can contented most material is machined, and performance is superior. Clip of new cutting tool runs a system special also operate easily. Stand outfit include only head knife plate and double head knife plate from series of grooving of the end panel that place type, bit cutting width is 3mm and 4mm, add up to gold date IC808. Knife plate is standard norms design, the Yu Yisi that hold clip blocks standard blade holder. (4) knife of chamfer of swallow end IQ (DOVE IQ GRIP) Yisika is brand-new the knife of chamfer of swallow end IQ that roll out belongs to heavy-duty grooving to machine new series, contain orgnaization of distinctive efficient front locking. Knife of chamfer of swallow end IQ is clevis of end of tall rigid swallow to hold. The locking orgnaization of groovy knife is operated easily, rotate through 180 ° front clamp bolt, can assemble and unassemble easily bit; Unit process of cargo bandling need not come back completely a bolt, mean the risk that drops without fittings; Groovy knife is clinking pressure piece reach bolt groove design, make a bits fluent. Set of knife of chamfer of swallow end IQ has a variety of standard bit optional, limits of bit grooving width is 10-20mm, the new structure that uses knife plate to place the clip that hold a knife guaranteed the security of knife plate. (5) lathe tool of swallow end IQ (the swallow end chamfer that DOVE IQ TURN) innovates combines lever fixture, firm clamp razor blade, use at burden turning. Thick car with big cutting deepness (4 ~ 10mm) and big feed (0.

4 ~ 1.

0mm/rev) is a characteristic. When answering interrupted cutting and high load cutting, people is chosen normally on clip of the arbor that press type holds big norms bosseyed razor blade undertakes machining. Because bosseyed blade point is little, make bit economy poor, pressing plate block up goes up to cut bits in the meantime successful eduction. To solve these problems, the fixed position of swallow end chamfer that Yi Sika developed an innovation integrates structure of machinery of lever type clamp. New system ensures tall rigid clip holds double-edged razor blade, clip is held firm, avoided block to break those who cut bits shedding to go up structure of the clamp that press type. Lathe tool of swallow end IQ (DOVE IQ TURN) face of the knife after two side all is bit wedge clevis is held, clip runs a system firm. The part of corresponding fixed position of razor blade of joint of chamfer of swallow end fixed position, avoided bit to go up because of cutting force in machining a process become warped. Razor blade of chamfer of swallow end fixed position has WOMG R3P IQ, COMG R3P IQ and SOMG R3P IQ 3 sort, the chamfer that break bits is R3P, use at thick Che Gang. (6) wind fire annulus milling cutter (P290) brand-new igneous annulus milling cutter is the new-style P290 wind that roll out series of milling cutter of 90 ° undee blade, clip holds distinctive P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FW and razor blade of undee blade of P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FEW. P290 milling cutter also can place the razor blade of mill of P290 ACCT A806PDR-HL that holds rectangle to take smooth-going cutting blade to be used at finish machining, new rectangular razor blade takes 2 big before blade of horny 18mm cutting. New razor blade uses the different chamfer that break bits and point processing form, machine the razor blade with the righter choice when different material at be in with benefit. Razor blade of P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWE basically is used at machining titanium alloy, razor blade of P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FW is used at processing steel. When P290 milling cutter clip holds weaveform of P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FW when blade razor blade undertakes machining, can obtain very small cut bits. This is the good solution that deep antrum machines, small it is very easy to cut bits the ground from cutting area eduction, and even if is in super- hang greatly in extending treatment, the undee blade design of this milling cutter also can be decreased effectively brace up. Milling cutter of P290 undee blade has excellent cutting tool stability, blade point carrying capacity is higher, cutting deepness can amount to 18mm, shortened greatly handling time. Because force of milling cutter cutting is small, what need machine tool power low. Design of P290 cutter hub makes photograph adjacent razor blade undee point is built effectively with amlposition form receive, come true thereby " complete efficiency " milling. To acquire much better cutting tool property, when use P290 is machined, the proposal uses lesser cutting width. P290 razor blade takes Xiu Guangren to design, in order to obtain taller be machined the surface is bright and clean degree. (7) increase model fight razor blade of mill of Zhen Luo blade coming back (HELI 2000) the belt is distinctive fight brace up fall a confusion of voices (the new mill razor blade that CHATTERFREE) designs can promote series of HELI 2000 milling cutter property considerably. This mill razor blade can be placed hold establish milling cutter of milling cutter, HM90 F90A face, HELIMILL to cover type milling cutter or corn milling cutter to go up at any HM90 E90AD, take 2 asymmetrical the solid cutting blade of the design, can realize treatment to be fought mediumly brace up fall a confusion of voices, improve cutting tool life finally. Mill razor blade grinds the cutting blade that make to make milling perpendicular precision is taller. Reel of knife of face of the knife after razor blade of face of the knife after bit needs to press yellow receives black is held, the milling cutter that because this clip is held,counts at even and effective tine is more efficient. The has different axial inclination cutting blade with mill distinctive razor blade promoted a platoon effectively bits property. Fight Zhen Xi razor blade and photograph of groovy razor blade lower than what needing machine tool power 10% . Design of the wide blade that repair light raised bit to be machined exterior quality. Bit alloy brand is bundle of demon technology (the IC380 of SUMO TEC) and IC830. (8) milling cutter of swallow end IQ 845 (DOVE IQ MILL 845) milling cutter of swallow end IQ845 (IQ845 FSY... - R07) series but dislocation face milling cutter, unique design has 8 cutting blade, apply in face mill treatment extensive. In treatment great majority is machined when material, can realize the thick, finish machining of mill of 45 ° face. IQ845 FSY... - R07 face milling cutter, big before horny cutting blade makes cutting light, cut and cut a work more smooth. Aggrandizement of classics of bit cutting blade is handled, take Xiu Guangren to design at the same time, make be machined exterior quality is more smooth, distinctive before knife face is designed more optimized the appearance that cut bits. Bit outfit is placed at chamfer of swallow end fixed position, snail clench originallies, clip holds tigidity extremely tall. Deepness of the biggest cutting is this face milling cutter 4.

6mm. Nominal diameter limits is 50-160mm, can choose scanty flute profile and close flute profile. IQ845 FSY... - applicable of R07 face milling cutter is machined at a variety of face mill, to all sorts of workpiece material (the austenite stainless steel that includes difficult treatment) all can realize rough machining and finish machining. (9) new-style IQ " wisdom is locked up " (HOLD IQ LOCK) the card reed of new-style design makes clip is held solidder and reliable, in avoiding to apply in heavy-duty treatment, the phenomenon that cutting tool falls off from inside knife handle happens. Serve to promote a client, yi Sika's distinctive to its ITA chooses knife adviser system to upgrade once more, optimize parameter to search engine, cutting tool product and craft selection system promotion reachs new standard. Divide online ITA version, the ITA version that Yi Sika provides malic IOS system and system of Gu Ge Android at the same time. Yi Sika still rolled out those who cover 26 kinds of languages to leave line DVD version. ITA chooses knife adviser to already became actor to choose cutting tool, optimize the industrial standard of cutting parameter, and new-style HIGHQLINE (IQ) series cutting tool already also was joined this system. CNC Milling CNC Machining