The temper heat treatment of cast-iron platform

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Cast-iron platform heat treatment is machinery makes one of medium vital technology, machine craft photograph to compare with other, heat treatment does not change the chemical class status of the appearance of workpiece and whole commonly, pass the microstructure that changes workpiece interior however, or the chemical class status that changes workpiece face, gift or improve the performance characteristics of workpiece. Its characteristic is the immanent quality that improves work, and commonly naked eye can not see this. Anneal: Show metallic stuff heats proper temperature, hold proper time, next the heat treatment craft of slow refrigeration. Common anneal craft has: Recrystallization anneal, go stress anneal, the ball changes anneal, complete anneal. The purpose of anneal: Basically be the hardness that reduces metallic stuff, raise plasticity, with benefit cutting treatment or forming, reduce leftover stress, those who improve organization and class status is even change, or heat treatment of the path after be makes good organization prepare to wait. The mechanical property that needs to make metallic workpiece has place, physics function and chemical function, except reasonable choose material and outside all sorts of figuration craft, heat treatment craft often is indispensable. Iron and steel is the data with the most extensive application in machinist job, steely microstructure is complex, can give through heat treatment control, so steely heat treatment is the main content of metallic heat treatment. Additional, aluminous, copper, magnesian, titanium reach its alloy to also can pass heat treatment to change its mechanical, physics and chemical function, in order to gain distinct performance characteristics. CNC Milling CNC Machining