OvalFlex lathe tool satisfies aluminium alloy hub to machine high demand

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Current, almost all and new-style car mark matchs aluminium alloy hub, the exterior and structural change quickly. Austria dark help climate company (Ceratizit Austria Gesellschaft M.


H) developed a kind what the name is OvalFlex is modular lathe tool, can satisfy manufacturer of this kind of hub to be in applicability, productivity and the demand that machine dependability respect. Austrian Alu-Guss is one of manufacturer of the biggest aluminium alloy hub, produce per year a quantity to be able to amount to 3 million. This company begins to apply OvalFlex successfully at production from 2007. Alu-Guss company is the subsidiary with Borbet subordinate group, 730 people of existing worker, begin to be hub of the company development such as the masses, BMW, Meisaidesi, Ou Bao, general, nimble when protecting and manufacturing aluminium alloy from 1996, produce per year a quantity to exceed 1 million, but every time batch is not worth 1 million. This explains, the manufacturing development trend henceforth is small lot much breed. Hub blank is sent to CNC machine tool by conveyer belt, hold clip and the speed circumgyrate with 2000r/min, so that use OvalFlex cutting tool,undertake machining. This cutting tool is developed to machine light metal hub only, it is different from lathe tool of common circle profile modeling, it is elliptic. Accordingly, it can save a space, more can thorough hub undertakes machining. Compare with photograph of knife of average car world, its did not change highly, but intensity is higher, can achieve deeper cutting to protect with rapidder rate consequently degree, show wonderful economy. Left flesh coming back is alkaline useful alkaline brand of flesh of qualitative Zun Xuan goes to chamfer blain imprints pop chart of thin waist product how eye frost is thin the leg is the fastest the most effective good what is even the join interface of best blade holder and knife head is color of skin elliptic, make 4 cone-shaped ranges, can realize free join, all be surface contact in radial and axial. Because be high accuracy join, almost need not any adjust further. The characteristic of OvalFlex depends on his modular structure, a variety of knife heads can be installed on its blade holder, can undertake adjustment by different point of view, accordingly, this reduces the place in treatment to need cutting tool amount to reach the measure that put a knife to have main effect to manufacturer of aluminium alloy hub. Dark those who pull climate to already developed a variety of at OvalFlex cutting tool using is adjustable bit. X32 should compare common congener razor blade big and intensity is high. Because use inclined plane of great use up all one's resources, can locate accurately, it not only can draw cutting strength better, and use effectively at intermittent cutting exercise. CNC Milling CNC Machining