Efficient cutting tool makes efficient production

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Ognibene company (be located in Italian Correggio to press down) the manufacturing business that is a machine and tractor. At first this company makes common metallic spare parts and machine. 1968 its key product is hydraulic pressure spare parts, be like air cylinder and motive power unit. Ognibene became Europe to expand one of 500 the fastest businesses 1997. Begin from 2003, ognibene turned to driver domain to acquire the market share with the largest whole world in cross-country motivation. Ognibene company makes turn to a spare parts, much application is mixed at machinery of cross-country lorry, forklift, cubic meter of earth the need such as the tractor is tall on the car that turns to force. Because operate the low torque that steering wheel asks, hydraulic pressure turns to a system to make the directional control of car simple, safe, comfortable. Ognibene is the company such as New Holland, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bobcat, Claas, Bombardier and Husqvarna to supply high-powered product. Ognibene changes an application of the system to the domain is compact design machine, for example small ship, weeding machine and small tractor, but mix in steering wheel turn to the machinery between wheel to join a demand is higher, the price is higher. Ognibene engineers also begin the work in the light of all sorts of special projects, ognibene includes inside this comfortable turn to a system, be aimed at mower technically, those who make is more general with easier operation. This kind of torque magnifies the main good point of device is the efficiency that promotes mower, make the machine can be controlled easily when all sorts of surface high speed are run. Graph 1 dark pull climate newest the system of mill of MaxiMill HEC face that roll out, improving manufacturing efficiency while still can reduce cost to be in with dark at the beginning of pulling the collaboration of climate, the craft engineer Gostino of Ognibene is contacted dark the sale engineer Pasquale Cristallo that pulls climate, pasquale Cristallo introduced razor blade of a car for him, the HyperCoat coating with this special lathe tool showed huge advantage. In fact, dark the HyperCoat that pulls climate offers Ognibene the heat-resisting of a kind of distinctive matrix and coating combines a product, namely a kind of of new development ISO P that applies technically in the light of this kind and matrix of M35 hard alloy. This kind of new hard alloy material is called CTP5240 character. System of efficient milling of graph 2 HEC is Ognibene managing the true breakthrough on the manufacturing cost product of 39% results from dark the milling system that helps climate. Ognibene makes up in product line of 4 MAKINO machining center had dark the HEC that pulls climate is efficient milling system, compare the plan that adopted in the past, efficiency promoted 25% , and whacking is managing the cost of 39% . When the workpiece that pledges in material of thick mill GS400, cut be as deep as 3.

5mm, speed achieved 800m/min. Be in dark after pulling climate to introduce thick mill cutting tool successfully before long, finish machining cutting tool also got adoption. Gostino say: "One is searching to be aimed at GS400 material all the time before us of special spare parts optimize plan, this kind of product produces per year a quantity is 200 thousand. Although make cutting also can promote parameter substantially when thick mill,HEC system assured us. " dark pull climate newest the system of mill of MaxiMill HEC face that roll out, also brought first-rate cutting function and stability. MaxiMill HEC can be used dark the bit that helps the hard metal that climate nicety produces, pottery and porcelain and CBN material, these razor blade have blade of 8 usable cutting, tangential installation, made sure first-rate cutting function and cutter hub are stable, reduce dynamical demand at the same time, can get applied extensively. CNC Milling CNC Machining