Qi Erhe made of baked clay machine is managed in internationalization of machine tool market in stride solid one pace

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Neat on April 12, 2005 Qihaer a place of strategic importance of company of machine tool of numerical control of inn of tile-roofed house of company of group of 2 machine tools, Dalian, Germany lows on the west this signing ceremony of company joint-stock cooperation is in Beijing Great Wall restaurant is held. Neat group of 2 machine tools is a country large industry business, main product has the big, heavy-duty facility such as boring machine of be born mill, mechanical compressor. The collect car of research and development of company of machine tool of numerical control of inn of Dalian tile-roofed house, mill, boring, grind wait for craft unifinication of the light at a suit, machine, report is compound product of machine tool series, in the development of ethical industry the infuse in revitalizing new vitality. A place of strategic importance lows on the west this one of well-known companies that the company is production industry of world machine tool, impact of experience of product technology advantage, brand advantage, management, market is in course of study of person of the same trade have prominent place, stronger competition ability is had in the international market. Long-term since the new situation that Qi Erhe made of baked clay machine faces market of world machine tool to change ceaselessly, seek as famous as international machine tool actively to create a company the new approach of joint-stock collaboration, high starting point of base oneself upon formulates the development strategy that internationalization runs, enterprise of machine tool of progressively attempt China " go " brand-new experience. This, the collaboration of tripartite is to fulfil the central real move that promotes policy of base of northeast old industry further, indicate made of baked clay machine is in a Qi Erhe internationalization of machine tool market is managed in stepped solid one pace. Tripartite is acted on negotiate freewill principle, it is a target in order to satisfy the market need of product of domestic and international high end, collective in tile-roofed house inn development of new and high technology establishs joint-stock company. European market develops the stress after new company is established, develop potential market of home and Asia at the same time, new company will gain bigger market with brand effect and high-end technology, become the well-known company of territory of market of machine tool of numerical control of high end of home, international. CNC Milling CNC Machining