Abandon method of lube adsorption second birth

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Summary: Our country economy grows quickly, each machinery industry is giant to the demand of lube show the trend that rises at full speed, and the processing utilization rate of domestic useless lube is extremely low. The processing of most useless lube is direct dump only, this caused the problem such as waste of the sources of energy and environmental pollution greatly. And plant of home's rare useless lube processing still does not have effective useless lube processing technique, be in mostly " dirty chaos is poor " condition. Below such setting, "Method of second birth of useless lube adsorption " will solve this kind of problem effectively from technical level. Keyword: Useless lube abandons method of oily adsorptive second birth to abandon   of product of oily second birth 1.

Home abandons lube and retexture current situation and the lubricant that develop our country to amount to more than 100 kinds, make dosage is amounted to every year millions of ton, as economic development, lube also appears more and more important. Because people lacks proper understanding to lube, it is what has used lubricating oil says " useless oil " , reclaim carelessly, shed at will, abandon, wasteful and valuable resource and pollute an environment. The hydrocarbon that only 1%-20% controls in useless lube kind degenerative, want to undertake depurative second birth to wasting lubricating oil only, the hydrocarbon with among them impurity, degenerative eliminate kind, add proper additive when necessary, can make old oil " second birth " the lube that good, quality is close to or reachs new oily level for function. The branch such as the commerce of our country, railroad, army, mechanical industry is undertaking lube purifies reclaim technology to consider. But our country still lags behind quite in this domain, the economy that cannot satisfy our country to develop at full speed far asks. Because this studies the reason of lube deterioration, active exploration is new-style and efficient, low,pollution abandons oil to purify second birth method, to alleviating state of insecurity of natural resources of our country oil is reached reduce useless oil to having important sense to environmental pollution. 2.

Main technological process abandons second birth of useless lube adsorption oil is main from reclaim center of center, rapid oil change and steam repair a factory to reclaim. After making an on-the-spot investigation through technology and economy, according to craft asks to undertake equipment installation and conduit are designed, assure to be in get reliable and high grade product while, do not bring additional responsibility to the environment again. The second birth of the different sort that waste oil its technology also differs somewhat, differ specificly reach an operation to distinguish following place to narrate: (1) the useless second birth that wash oil washs oily course to be used for many times, can contain impurity of machinery of etc of particle of many greasy filth, metal, the influence arrives to be used normally. But above material does not give birth to chemical reaction with the hair that wash oil, reborn method is so simpler. Second birth method is common bathe law and distillation law. Bath law: ? Persuade abdicate to disrelish? of bone of graceful terpene of Nuo of  of  of Pan of crab of the gizzard that steal cereal to be rinsed with water, 12h of again dormant precipitation, the water of dropt bottom is miscellaneous, get second birth washs oil namely. Distillation law: ?  of Ao of Ji of slender and delicate disrelishs all to love Hua  ? the useless oil that makes an appointment with 2/3 is added inside boiler of Xiang Zheng heat up in a steamer every time, heat, temperature comes when 95 ℃ , pour out of in condensation canal a few water. Right now control heats speed, in case excessive boiler. Wait for condensation water does not give inside the canal, oil is lukewarm after rising to 115 ℃ , recoverable heat normally speed, oil is lukewarm when 200 ℃ , those who pour out of is benzine; What pour out of when 350 ℃ of 200 ― is the miscella of kerosene and derv, cooling, give off oil residue to complete second birth work namely. (2) engine oil of second birth of useless engine oil is in use process, can mix not only have bead of end of bits of many greasy filth, metal, carbon and leftover fuel, still can generate a large number of colloid, bitumen to be mixed character acidity material, second birth is consequently some more complex. Does measure have: ? 〕 loves the moisture in? eliminate oil and bigger mechanical impurity. Precipitation cent precipitates naturally and heat precipitation: ?  of small box of  of wall of Xing of divide evenly think fondly of steals? of children's hair of terpene of cereal meat and fish dishes to let sundry precipitation falls after all ministry. Precipitation environment should be in 15 ℃ control air temperature, precipitation time is 5 ― 15 days. Heat precipitation is to use vapour to heat useless engine oil, make its achieve 60 ― 80 ℃ , again dormant precipitation 24 ― 48h. Distillation: ? Head of Ti of lowing ⒉ of  of natrium of instrument of Tuo of  of  small box casts dispute  of Xin Hui of Tuo of  of small box of Ze of H of Yin hawk plinth lows ⒉ Ti? but not distillation. The method of distillation and way of the useless distill that wash oil are same. : of sulfur acid treatment? Excrement of Di of で of ⒘ of province of brown of admire of instrument of  ビ Tuo pushs above of?3% of  of sew of ǘ of Xiao of Qiong of be ignorant of of  of K of Sha of  of Lu  wholesale, vitriolic dosage is in useless engine oil 8% ― 15% between. Useless engine oil is added lukewarm when be being controlled to 40 ℃ , join vitriolic, edge border agitate, agitate 20 ― 30min, rejoin chroma is 5% ― the 1% of caustic soda aqueous solution of 10% , light agitate 5min, dormant precipitation after 2 ― 4h, give off first time acerbity broken bits. Sedimentation again 4 ― 6h gives off acerbity broken bits the 2nd times. When sedimentationing, should keep oily lukewarm 20 ℃ , so that sedimentation. Does Bai Tu contact: ?  of big and thick of form of Shan of Zi shade rice huller] ? has very big absorption affinity. To raise Bai Tu's absorption affinity, before can be being used, stoving issues Bai Tu a few hours in 110 ℃ . Add the oil after pickling next lukewarm to 120 ― 140 ℃ , 10% ― are joined in past oil again the Bai Tu of 15% , agitate 30 ― 40min, bai Tu can pledge leftover acerbity broken bits, bitumen etc suck except. After this still precipitates 4 ― 8h, oily Wen Jiang comes 80 ― can use lubricating oil pump and fine filter when 110 ℃ are the following filter. (3) useless gear oil of second birth of useless gear oil needs to use only add lukewarm precipitation or add lukewarm filtering method can make its second birth. Heat useless gear oil inside container first 160 ℃ of 130 ―, take the advantage of heat to filter with filter of board casing type again, can get eligible second birth is tasted. If do not have filter, usable 160 or the copper wire of 200 aperture filters, put into cone-shaped bottom container, heat preservation still precipitates 48h above, by the Yu Zhui of metallic particle precipitation in oil, again dropt is sedimentary get second birth oil namely. If gear oil viscosity is very big, 20% ― can be put in gear oil 40% light diesel fuel, mix is even, heat to 90 ℃ , precipitation 2 ― 4 days, will go up middle-level oil is taken out heat again to 110 ℃ , filter with filter press. The oil after distillation filters, to 300 ℃ cease-fire, what evaporate goes out is derv, the oil that remain drops in temperature to be given off to 150 ℃ , it is second birth gear oil namely. (4) oily second birth of useless machinery of useless mechanical oily second birth and method of second birth of useless engine oil are basic and same. Because do not contain benzine or diesel oil among them, so need not distillation. Vitriolic dosage is in 6% ― 10% , acid treatment temperature is controlled in 30 ℃ ; White earth dosage is 8% ― 10% ; Bai Tu handles temperature in 110 ― 130 ℃ are controlled. 3.

Product of second birth of useless lube adsorption purifies reclaim technology measure to undertake proper premise falls, index of second birth oily quality and exterior can accord with the target that new lubricating oil sets completely, use like new oil directly. The defect with oxidation poorer than new oil performance is fought in what antioxidant joins to be able to offset second birth oil before using. Additionally second birth oil also can use as base oil, allocate common lube or become special type oil to taste according to producing need to allocate. When index of quality short of, but retexture. Those batch are small, allocate insignificant unqualified second birth is oily, can use at not significant lubricant position or reduce use. Lube purifies retexture process in, can produce a few liquid waste, waste gas, waste residue, want to take logical environmental protection step only, can prevent environmental pollution. Return additionally attainable other by-product, mix like benzine, derv, kerosene residual. Among them benzine, derv and kerosene can use as fuel, residual can serve as housing materials. Bibliographical reference: [1] " industrial business designs wholesome standard " TJ36-79 CNC Milling CNC Machining