Yibeige the 80 thousand small-sized report main shaft that turn

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Yibeige is heart type machine tool (lathe of automatic numerical control) the market introduced new-style choice milling of small high speed and get the main shaft that cut electricity. Do these new-style report main shaft include HT25 (25? Mm external diameter) , HT22 (22? Mm external diameter) with HT20 (20? Mm external diameter) . These main shaft structures compact, function is powerful, use dc to not have brush electric machinery (synchronous electric machinery) technology. Electric main shaft need not extra water or fan are cooling. What use bearing (around bearing) for bearing of sealed Composite pottery and porcelain (steeliness orbit and ball of pottery and porcelain) , lubricate for permanent grease. Divide outside using sealed bearing, design of main shaft of case of every Yi shellfish includes a whole to controlling sealing gland apparatus too. Device of this sealing gland passes jet of body of stainless steel main shaft a few compression air, ensure contamination of etc of dirt, cooling fluid does not enter main shaft system inside. The biggest allow taper hole to slant place degree for 2 μ M. Of cutting tool secure the ER-8 collet device that uses nicety, track of permission the greatest power is 5mm. A form a complete set supplies spanner and collet and device of all main shaft. Main shaft of case of every Yi shellfish all undertook dynamic balancing is handled, in order to ensure main shaft is below all movement speed smooth, low a confusion of voices and without vibration. Because the main shaft of most model can be put into the tool carrier of existing 25mm or 20mm, installation is very accordingly simple. This kind of compact length makes main shaft can be in cutting tool is used below concentrated environment. If require maintenance, need to demolish the main shaft of breakdown only, change on one to reserve main shaft continues to produce, this is a very simple task, need not special adjustment and long test-drive technological process. Main shaft of Yi shellfish case by a diminutive drive of high frequency transducer, this rate that new-style actuating device controls main shaft subtly, voltage and electric current, compensate addition negative charge automatically. Main shaft rate is adjustable, the first kind of means can undertake operating through the hand potentiometer on driver, actuating device can show effective rate is mixed consume power; The 2nd kind of means realizes an operation through any CNC interfacial connection. In addition, when Yibeige device happening calls the police when, actuating device interface will issue critical condition signal to CNC, CNC can stop surely machine. 80? Effective promotion produces the head of 000r/min can, reduce cost, improve spare parts quality, it is the new product of Swiss IBAG research and development and production. CNC Milling CNC Machining